Black History Month 2012: The Highlights

Ruud Gullit Sitting On A Shed is a proud supporter of the Kick Racism Out Of Football campaign, as well as the Slap Silliness Out Of Swimming campaign and particularly the Fling Fustiness Out Of Fencing campaign.

In our continuing efforts to spread the good word of these endeavours, we are proud to parp the trumpet of peace, and bring you this thrilling video compendium of the highlights of this year’s Black History Month. Football, as ever, has a firm grip of its own moral compass, which is always facing north – precisely the same direction in which we can find the Path to Salvation, the Avenue of Amicability and the Cul-de-sac of Coalition.

Watch in awe as we see football collectively swing the snooker-ball-in-a-sock of defiance in the hateful face of racial twattery. And remember: once you go Black History Month, you’ll never go Back History Month (until next year, where it’s rumoured that Patrice Evra may face Luis Suarez in a rematch…inside a steel cage!).