What is the meaning of this?

Hello. Welcome to Ruud Gullit Sitting On A Shed, a paraphernalium of footballing parody, satire and esoterica, with the mood occasionally soured by po-faced columns.

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Look forward to all of the below and more…

* Launching fresh perspective into the mixer and shaking its head at what it finds there

* Thrusting the phallus of ignorance into football’s glory hole and emitting naught but cynicism

* Accepting the pre-match pennant of allegory with a firm handshake

* Lumping long balls up to the Big Man Up Top (by which I mean GOD)

* All of the things listed either side of this bullet point and more

* Tutting loudly at the stray piss on football’s toilet seat

* Loudly admonishing the beautiful game’s wastrels and miscreants

* Casting an eye over life’s substitutes bench with barely concealed fury and disappointment

* Bowdlerising the profanity-laden discourse of the working man

* Mustering the satirical phlegm needed to keep pace with feigned injury-time calf cramp

All of the above and more!

And more!


One thought on “What is the meaning of this?

  1. I, Sir Geoff Hurst, would like to bestow my official, World Cup winning seal of approval on this website. I can only hope it will eventually contain more retrospective appraisals of notable hat-tricks.

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