Pickles – World Cup Special out now

If you’re reading this, then it is absolutely certain that you know a thing or two about fascinating football content. That being said, allow me to introduce you to a friend of the show – Pickles magazine.

PicklesThe latest issue is out now, in print form (smells nice, feels great, looks awesome) and online (smells of computer, physically encased by glass, metal, plastic). However you like your irreverent, off-beat football writing and art, go check out the World Cup special why don’t you?

RGSOAS features, with a moving personal account of Paraguayan goalkeeper Jose Luis Chilavert’s valiant-but-doomed quest to score a goal in the 1998 World Cup. There’s even an illustration of Chilavert as an astronaut by the very talented Robert Generette III, who is a total bad-ass…

See? Totally bad-ass.

See? Totally bad-ass.

Does it beautifully capture every facet of the intangible magic of the World Cup, and perhaps even the quintessential joy of life itself? I would say so, yes. But don’t just take my word for it! Take a paragraph for it, which I provide after this short patch of space…

As a contributor to this esteemed publication, it behooves me to promote it to my many devoted followers. Yeah, guilty, it’s a fair cop. But is it? No! The real reason I urge you to try it for yourself is simply because…it is really good. Sure, it smells great, but what else is there? How about fantastical short stories, probing journalism and moving poetry exploring the many unloved nooks of the game you love, along with the most delightful football artwork being produced today. You know, those guys you follow on Twitter, the ones that tweet amazing pictures, which you like enough to save to your phone and set them as the background. Those guys, they’re in Pickles too, all the time, and they’re great. Imagine a charming distillation of football, design and wit, lovingly crafted and smelling real good (I cannot stress this enough), and hot dang, you have yourself some Pickles.

Have a look for yourself, or I will see to it personally that your favourite brand of mustard ceases production forever more.

Pickles ball


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