Going Out On Loan (For Experience)

It will come as no surprise to the loyal followers of Ruud Gullit Sitting On A Shed that I have a mind so restlessly creative, so incredibly fertile, that I ask not ‘how now brown cow?’, but ‘what now brown cow? And why?’. I am very much the sort of person that would jump into a cab and shout ‘to the library, and step on it!’, such is my frenzied pursuit of fresh wonder. I am a force that cannot be stopped unless asked very nicely indeed, and even then I’d be all like ‘Hmmm, I dunno’.

That being said, I have been busy contributing some things for other places lately, because I love to collaboratise like that Kanye West feller. Find me over at Fisted Away, official fisting partner of RGSOAS, where you can read an exclusive interview I conducted with legendary Brian Clough anecdotalist and bon viveur Barry Plapp. What exactly is a posthumous reputational mythologiser anyway? And was that really the plot to Weekend At Bernie’s? Find out here, now, FOREVER.

Also – check out the ‘Elsewhere’ page where you can find other places that have been dazzled by the radiant glow of my brilliance, and support some of the things that I think are cool.


Official stupid glasses partner of RGSOAS


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