The Nicklas Bendtner Failure Compendium: Redux

Last week, we posted an astonishing salvo of sass aimed at football’s foremost humility-conscious arrogand, Nicklas Bendtner. The Nicklas Bendtner Failure Compendium gathered pictorial evidence of the fact that he is an unequivocally ridiculous man. He has recently embarked on a relative goalscoring spree for loan club Sunderland, which has convinced us to double our efforts in shrivelling his ego.

Ruud Gullit Sitting On A Shed is the proverbial ice pack on the scrotum of self-importance. Just as Bendtner may occasionally respond to critics not so much by ‘hitting back’ but by foppishly slapping them with limp wrists, so too can a stopped clock be right twice a day. The NiBeFaCo has been updated and expanded to bring further shame to Bendtner’s block-shaped head. Further images will be added whenever we are next ill and unable to devise new content.



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